​Pier & Beam Repair

Piers are placed on your concrete floors to balance your home. Our contractors at Weatherford Foundation Repair are capable of perfectly balancing them for you. It is the pier that holds up the beams and the beams hold the home’s foundation. Once our contractors have had the opportunity to evaluate the pier and beams on your floors then they will be able to effectively repair them for you. While it can be challenging to access this area our contractors are able to do so through your homes crawl space. The pier and beams that we repair are made of wood and unfortunately will start to deteriorate over time. The footings installed are shallow and can cause the soil to move. If this is happening then it is definitely time to contact our experts at Weatherford Foundation Repair.

Typical Issues Involving Pier and Beams

When the slab under your property is being moved around it starts to affect the pier and beam. In short, the wood begins to deteriorate you may also need some drainage repair to correct any water issues. This alone can be problematic. Our contractors are capable of making any needed repairs with the homeowners still in their home. Pier and beam systems are very shallow and the soil often moves. As this continues to occur the foundation is in danger of collapsing and can become uneven. This is the type of problem that can occur rather rapidly and get worse over time. This is why you can’t ignore the issue and is why you should contact the preferred services of Weatherford Foundation Repair as quickly as possible. We offer our customers proven results!

Making Pier and Beam Repairs

Problems with your pier and beam can cause other problems that are also very costly. If you need to have them repaired then do waste time giving us a call at Weatherford Foundation Repair. We have a team of contractors in Weatherford who are skilled enough to effectively handle the job. Our experts are capable of handling the job without removing your entire flooring. It can be difficult to repair the pier and beam simply because of getting to them. This is one of the reasons that we suggest that you rely on our foundation repair services at Weatherford Foundation Repair. There are some repair services that will just add on the existing flooring instead of removing it. Whenever they simply add to the flooring it increases the weight of the floor causing it to become uneven. When you have foundation issues allow us to handle it for you.

Why Hire Weatherford Foundation Repair

There is no other foundation repair service in Weatherford that is more qualified to assist with your foundation repair needs than Weatherford Foundation Repair. We prove that we are the best suited for the job whenever we are given the opportunity to help with your repair needs. You’ll always receive a written estimate for the job and we will always honor this estimate. Call on us when you want proven results!