​Slab Repair


Fallen soil will create a problem with your foundation slab. This is something that requires the attention of a professional foundation contractor. If you have a slab problem, give us a call at Weatherford Foundation Repair in Weatherford, TX. When your slab is under too much pressure it will eventually collapse. If this occurs it will be expensive to repair. Why take such an unnecessary chance when you do not have to. Our experienced foundation repair contractors know how to assess the situation and determine the extent of the work required to fix it. The integrity of your foundation is compromised when you have a slab under too much pressure. Allow us to fix this for you as soon as possible. Our years of operating in the foundation repair business is a testament to just how effective we are at making the needed repairs. Only after an effective evaluation of your slab will we be able to offer you a quote for the work. We also work with home that have a pier and beam foundation. Call and schedule your evaluation today.

Signs That You Need Repairs

Unfortunately, one-story homes are those that experience more problems with their slab the most. Also, if you live in a home surrounded by a lot of trees, these homes are also prone to slab problems. Finally, if the area you live in is typically warm all-year-round, coupled with the fact that there are lots of trees nearby; you may experience slab issues. If all of these apply to you then don’t ignore the cracks that you notice in your floors and walls. Also if you live in a brick house and are noticing cracks in the brick, this could mean that there is a slab issue that needs to be addressed. Windows and doors that don’t close properly are also signs of trouble.

Effective Slab Repairs

Since we only employ the most qualified foundation contractors in Weatherford at Weatherford Foundation Repair, you are assured of being able to receive the most reliable repairs possible. Our contractors start by performing a thorough inspection of the area in question. They will start their process by leveling your foundation in order to prevent any further disturbance. It may be necessary to install helical piles to offer additional stability. After applying helical piles it will also make the foundation more secure. We’re committed to the approval of our customers and that is why we go above and beyond to ensure that the repairs are effectively made. We stand by the work of our workers and offer guaranteed satisfaction.

Why Rely on Weatherford Foundation Repair

If you want the most effective slab repair services in Weatherford, TX, make sure you do yourself a favor by calling on our experts at Weatherford Foundation Repair. We’ll earn your business by first offering you a reasonable quote for the work you need to be performed and then by performing a thorough inspection to ensure the problem is resolved once and for all. If you want slab repairs to let us handle it for you.